Music Activities and Resources

Music Resources

  • California State Music Standards 
  • Share the Music: McGraw Hill publishers (our district approved curriculum from previous state adoption list)
  • Education through Music song experience folksongs and games (see website Education through Music Website)
  • Kodaly methods & materials
  • Orff Schulwerk methods & assorted materials
  • Making Music: Silver Burdett (on current state adoption list)
  • New England Dancing Masters Productions folk dancing recordings and assorted materials
  • Material learned at Music for People workshops
  • Assorted choral music


  • Singing quality folk or patriotic music
  • Reciting rhythmic speech pieces
  • Playing song experience games
  • Moving to music (folkdances and free form using scarves, actions, balls, puppets etc.)
  • Playing pitched instruments (xylophone, metallophone, glockenspiel)
  • Playing unpitched instruments (drums, metals, woods, shakers/scrapers)
  • Using handsigns to show pitches
  • Using body percussion to read rhythm
  • Acting out musical songs, stories or poems
  • Using literature that is song based or has a rich rhythmic language
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