Computer Lab


The Creekside Oaks computer lab has 32 computers. Students visit the computer lab once a week where they learn different aspects of using a computer. Younger students develop mouse and keyboard skills through educational games. Older students learn to type and use Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 

Web Links

These are several web sites that you might enjoy. Although I monitor them regularly, sometimes a site changes hands and may no longer be appropriate for children. If you ever find a web site that is not appropriate please let me know.  

Computer Lab Rules

  1. Enter and leave lab quietly.
  2. Stay in your seat and keep your hands to yourself.
  3. No food or drinks.
  4. Treat equipment kindly.
  5. You may only access approved web sites on the Web Links page.
  6. No personal e-mail, Instant Messaging, or social media accounts may be accessed from the computer lab.
  7. Never turn off computer without permission.

Internet Access Policy

All students and parents must read and return a signed Network/Internet access form before using the computer lab. Please review with your child the agreement.
Requires Acrobat

Recycle Printer Cartridges and Cell Phones

Be kind to the environment and help Creekside Oaks raise funds! Bring your used printer cartridges and old cell phones to the computer lab. We will recycle them and raise funds to support our programs. For more information about the program visit:

Internet Safety

The Internet is a great place to discover, learn and be entertained. It also can open your child up to danger. Please take the time to learn about stranger danger and how to stay safe while you surf the Web.
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